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Learn the power of AI

With our AI Content Design Workshop

The transformative power of merging human creativity with AI

We strongly believe in the magic that emerges when human creativity is merged with AI.So, are you ready to learn how AI tools like Midjourney and DALLE can elevate your design skills to the next level? In this workshop, we reveal the secrets of AI in the design process.

We won’t just talk; you’ll get hands-on experience! Learn how to use AI to upgrade your visuals, from vibrant images to sleek logos and even UI/UX optimization. For example, we’ll show you how to use different prompts to create a design that really pops.

This training is a must if you’re a designer and want to delve into the wonderful world of AI. Whether you’re already a seasoned professional or just curious, this workshop has something for everyone.

So, ready to give your design skills an AI boost?

FAQ – AI Content Design Workshop

Check out our FAQs to understand how GoldenAI can empower your organization with AI. Discover everything you need to know here!

How long is the AI Workshop and what is its format?2024-01-04T15:36:50+00:00

The duration of our workshops varies, depending on the depth and subject matter. On average, the workshops last for 4 hours, but we can also tailor the duration to your needs. The workshops are conducted in person.

How much does this course cost me?2024-01-05T10:40:59+00:00

Our trainings are customized, so the costs depend on your specific requirements. You are always welcome to request a quote.

Can the course be held at my own location?2024-01-05T10:40:26+00:00

Absolutely! It is possible to conduct the course at your own location or business premises.

Can the course be tailored to meet specific business needs?2024-01-05T10:39:46+00:00

Absolutely! All our workshops are customized to meet specific business needs.

What is the AI Design Content Course?2024-01-05T10:36:19+00:00

The AI Content Design Course blends human creativity with AI tools like Midjourney and DALLE to enhance design skills. Participants learn how to use AI for creating visual content, from eye-catching images to logos and UI/UX optimization, with hands-on experience in using and creating various prompts.

Who is this course suitable for?2024-01-05T10:43:04+00:00

This course is suitable for both experienced designers and participants who want to delve into integrating AI into the design process.

What are the benefits of this workshop for my team or organization?2024-01-05T10:47:19+00:00

The AI Content Design Workshop offers your team the opportunity to use AI tools like Midjourney and DALLE to enhance their design skills. By participating, you’ll learn how to effectively utilize AI for creating visually appealing content, which can lead to more innovative and striking designs in your marketing and communication efforts. Moreover, this training will boost creativity and technical competence within your organization, thereby improving productivity and competitive positioning in the digital age.

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