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We’re a platform for talent and innovation


GoldenAI, an exclusive Networklink brand, is dedicated to guiding businesses through the transformative journey of AI integration, ensuring they harness it’s full potential for innovation, growth, and sustained success.

At GoldenAI, we believe that the future of businesses is propelled by the smart application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From comprehensive AI training sessions and interactive workshops to our precise AI Scan and expert consultancy and interim services, we ensure you’re not just ready for the future – you’re leading it!

Meet our team

Specializing in connecting our clients with AI professionals.

Gijs Mul

Managing Partner

Rick van Ravenzwaaij

Business Unit Manager

Paulien Brands


Tim Stevens


Hein Harlaar

Hein Harlaar

Data & Analytics Consultant

Mark de Jong

Data & Analytics Consultant