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Leverage the latest AI advancements in your marketing department by effectively deploying AI applications. We provide you with insights into the best AI tools to use and combine, customized to your specific marketing activities and objectives. With implementation and training, we guarantee effective AI integration within your marketing efforts, responsibly and in compliance with GDPR. Select immediate impact without the need for large financial commitments or long-term processes.


With “AI in Marketing,” we focus on the following domains:


Data is the beating heart of every marketing strategy. In this segment, our focus lies in analyzing, interpreting, and predicting user data—from interactions on your website and social media to customer information in your CRM system. Through AI, we can uncover patterns and insights that would otherwise remain hidden, enabling you to develop strategies that are more precise and effective.


In this component, our focus is on optimizing and automating textual content. Think about social media posts, blogs, and emails, all integrated with SEO solutions. With the help of AI, we can create and optimize copy that is not only search engine-friendly but also personalized and user-centric, thereby increasing both engagement and conversion rates.


This segment concentrates on the visual aspects of your marketing communications. This could be the design of your website, social media posts, photography, video, and other marketing outputs. AI can assist in creating designs that are not only attractive but also adaptive to user preferences and behavior, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Through the integration of multiple tools, we achieve AI integration in the following domains:

Brainstorming, (Technical) SEO, Website, UX/UI, Analytics, CRM, Email, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Personalization, Blog, Social Media, Video, Affiliate, Campaigns, Advertising, E-commerce, Customer Service, Chatbots.

Our methods

To ensure complete integration and perfect connections, we go through the following phases for each of the aforementioned areas:

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